Bath Resealing Services

We provide a specialised bath reseal service in Manchester to enhance the durability and appearance of our customers bathtubs. Over time, the silicone seals around your bath can deteriorate due to wear and tear, mould growth and prolonged exposure to moisture. Our expert team ensures a watertight and pristine finish by removing the old mouldy sealant and applying high-quality sanitary grade bath silicone.

Why Choose Our Bath Reseal Services?

Expert Craftsmanship: Our team have years of experience and are quite skilled in removing the old silicone from around the bathtub and applying the new bath sealant with precision.

High-Quality Materials: We only use sanitary grade bath sealant that provides long-lasting protection against moisture and mould.

Improved Aesthetics: A freshly resealed bath not only prevents leaks but also enhances the overall look of your bathroom.

If you require a bath reseal service in Manchester, please get in touch with Mike at 07779 532 113.

Bath reseal

The Bath Reseal Process

Inspection and Preparation: We thoroughly inspect the existing bath sealant and prepare the area for resealing.

Removal of Old Sealant: Carefully remove all the old, mouldy or damaged silicone sealant.

Cleaning the Surface: Clean and dry the area to ensure proper adhesion of the new bath sealant.

Application of New Sealant: Apply a fresh, sanitary grade bathroom silicone sealant, ensuring a smooth and even watertight finish.

Benefits of Professional Bath Resealing

Prevents Leaks: Proper resealing prevents water from seeping into areas it shouldn’t, protecting not only your bathroom but any rooms below from water damage.

Mould Prevention: New sanitary grade bath silicone helps to resist mould growth, maintaining a hygienic environment.

Enhanced Appearance: Fresh sealant gives our customers bathtub a clean new look, improving the overall aesthetics of your bathroom.

Bath Reseal Frequently Asked Questions

What causes mould to my bath sealant?
Firstly, there is no such thing as a mould free silicone sealant, manufacturers use terms such as mould resistant or even anti-mould, it’s nonsense. Ventilation is the key, such as a bathroom extraction fan or an open window. Bathrooms have high humidity so require a larger air exchange than a bedroom.

The bath sealant gets wet from a shower over the bath, this sealant remains wet if there isn’t proper ventilation, extraction or not wiped down. Microscopic mould grows on the sealant that spreads quite rapidly. Properly ventilated bathrooms significantly reduce the moisture content thus reducing the ideal conditions for mould to grow.

It’s the damp plus lack of ventilation that allows the mould to grow. With proper ventilation the silicone seals dry out which eliminates the conditions for mould to grow, no mystery.

How long does it take to reseal a bath?
Generally, it takes about an hour to reseal a bathtub, depending on the condition of the existing sealant and the size of the area.

What is the cost to reseal a bath?
The cost of our bath resealing service varies based on the specific area and the extent of the resealing required, removing the old mouldy bath sealant is the most time-consuming part of the process. Our average cost to reseal a customers bathtub is £40 including all materials, for a detailed estimate please contact us directly. You can also check our Rates page for an overview of our hourly charges.

How soon can I use my bath after resealing?
Next day at 7am will be absolutely fine.

Do I need to provide any materials?
We provide clear and white bath silicone sealant. If you require a different colour, please let us know in advance. The cost of a tube of bath silicone is around £5.

How can I schedule a bath resealing service?
Scheduling is easy. Simply give us a call and our team will assist you in setting up a bath reseal appointment.

Do you guarantee your bath resealing services?
Yes, we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our Manchester bath resealing services. If you encounter any issues, please reach out and we’ll address them promptly.

Can you reseal both bathrooms and kitchens on the same visit?
Yes, we can handle resealing services for both bathrooms and kitchens, whether it’s shower cubicles or kitchen worktops during the same visit, which is more cost-effective than two separate visits.

Contact Us for Bath Resealing Services in Manchester

For more information or to schedule a bath reseal service in Manchester, our customers can contact Our Home Handyman on 07779 532 113 (Mike).