Handyman Electrical Services

At Our Home Handyman in Manchester, we provide a handyman electrician service offering a wide range of professional household electrical services to the Manchester area, including the replacement of old electrical sockets, installation of dimmer switches, fitting new ceiling lights and replacing exterior security lights.

No job is too small for our dedicated team, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 07779 532 113 (Mike).

Electrical socket being repaired.

Handyman Switch and Socket Repairs

We offer comprehensive local Handyman Electrician Services for switch and socket replacements. Our team specialises in replacing old electrical sockets with new ones, and we can even upgrade them to include USB outlets for added convenience.

We also provide a handyman electrician light switch replacement service, whether you’re looking to switch from a traditional rocker switch to a dimmer switch or any other type of switch upgrade. Additionally, we can address issues with ceiling and shower pullcord switches, ensuring all your electrical controls are functioning flawlessly.

We can replace several electrical switches or sockets within an hour.

Electrical switch and socket selection.

Handyman Light Fixture Replacement

We can replace ceiling lights in various areas of your property, including living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Whether you need an upgrade, repair or installation, our team is equipped to handle it all. Count on us to provide an efficient and reliable Handyman Electrician Service for light replacements that brighten up your space with a professional touch. For instance, replacing a modern for old ceiling light fixture takes about an hour.

If you find one or more bathroom or kitchen spotlights never work, even though you have replaced the bulb, several times, it could be the transformer. Due to high humidity areas like kitchen and bathrooms, transformers are placed in the ceiling void to reduce the chance of electrical shock.

Even if it’s one of those kitchen or bathroom spotlight bulbs that were designed by Satan himself, impossible to replace, we can help.

Ceiling light selection.

Electric Shower Replacement

Electric shower looking tired, going hot and cold for no apparent reason? Among other things, old electric showers suffer from an internal limescale build up which can cause fluctuating pressure.

The internals of an electric shower are rarely replaceable, its far more economical to just have it replaced. To replace an electric shower, we first have to check its rating, more often than not its between 7.5 – 8.5 kw. Now we replace like for like, we cannot replace a 7.5 kw shower with a 10.5 kw shower without updating the existing cabling and fusebox.

On average we can replace a like for like electric shower in a couple of hours, quality electric showers like Triton for instance retail at about £70. Contact us today to for all types of Electric Shower Replacement Services.

Electric shower.

Exterior Light Fitting Services

Exterior floodlight and lantern light replacements. Modern floodlights tend to have a led array, this is non replaceable bulb. Both of these come with optional pir (motion sensors), again these are non-replaceable.

If any of these are failing its more economical to just replace the whole unit as they are relatively inexpensive. If you don’t have a current wired exterior light, you can always get a solar powered one which negates the cost of running new cables.

Our electricians can replace any exterior floodlight within an hour, our Handyman Electrical Services are here to brighten your day by tackling those pesky floodlights fast.

Exterior light fitting selection.

Handyman Electrician Services: Q&A

Q: What types of electrical services do you provide?

A: We offer a wide range of handyman electrician services, including replacing old electrical sockets and light switches with newer models, installing dimmer switches, fitting new light fixtures and replacing electric showers. We also handle exterior lighting fittings, including floodlights and lantern lights.

Q: How much do your electrical services typically cost?

A: Our pricing varies depending on the complexity and duration of the job. For example, the average ceiling light takes about an hour of labour, whereas we can also quite easily swap over several electrical switches or sockets within an hour.

Head on over to our Rates page where you can view our hourly charges to perhaps give you a better idea of costs.

Q: Are there any electrical services you don’t provide?

A: While we provide a broad range of handyman electrician services, we don’t specialise in large-scale electrical projects like complete rewiring of properties or major electrical installations.

Our expertise is in smaller, more immediate electrical tasks such as replacing sockets and switches, installing light fittings or replacing electric showers. We focus on practical solutions for everyday electrical needs in your home.

Q: Can you upgrade my existing sockets to include USB outlets?

A: Absolutely! We specialise in upgrading old electrical sockets to newer versions with integrated USB outlets, providing added convenience for charging devices. These USB sockets take the same amount of time to fit as any other electrical socket.

Q: Do you offer services for repairing or installing exterior lighting?

A: Yes, we provide services for installing exterior lighting, including modern floodlights with LED arrays and lantern lights.

Bearing in mind, old floodlights where the normal filament bulb appears to have stopped working, in fact could be something more. As modern floodlights cost circa £20, it’s far more economical to replace.

We can also fit your chosen solar-powered lighting options which don’t require running new cables.

Q: How do you handle electric shower repairs?

A: For electric showers experiencing issues like fluctuating temperature, we recommend replacement over repair. This is often more economical due to the non-replaceable nature of their internal components.

Q: Are the electrical parts you install guaranteed?

A: Yes, all the electrical work we carry out is professionally done and guaranteed to last. We use high-quality parts and ensure each installation or repair is up to standard.

Q: Can you assist with the installation of dimmer switches?

A: Yes, we can replace traditional rocker switches with dimmer switches, allowing you to control the lighting level in your rooms for the desired ambiance.

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All work professionally carried out and guaranteed to last. To arrange a handyman electrician service in Manchester or perhaps some practical advice, contact Our Home Handyman on 07779 532 113. (Mike)