Handyman Picture and Mirror Hanging Services

At Our Home Handyman we provide a complete handyman picture and mirror hanging service in Manchester.

Elevate your walls with our professional picture and mirror hanging services. Whether it’s treasured artworks, family portraits or large mirrors above a fireplace, we ensure precise and secure installations tailored to our customers’ needs.

Our expert team specialises in art and mirror placement, guaranteeing flawless results for your home decor. For Manchester picture and mirror hanging services, please get in touch on 07779 532 113 (Mike).

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Gallery Wall Hanging Service:

Create a stunning focal point in your home with our gallery wall picture hanging services. Gallery walls add personality and flair to any space, showcasing a collection of your favourite artworks or photographs. Our handy team excels in arranging gallery walls, ensuring a harmonious composition that complements your interior decor.

Hallway Mirror Fixing Service:

Transform your hallway into an inviting and elegant space with our expert mirror fixing service. Our skilled Manchester team specialises in securely installing mirrors of all styles and sizes, ensuring they are perfectly positioned to enhance the look and feel of your entrance. Whether it’s a sleek contemporary design or a timeless classic piece, we provide a professional and reliable mirror fitting service that focuses on precision and safety.

Fireplace Mirror Fitting Service:

Elevate the focal point of your living room with a carefully installed mirror above the fireplace. Our skilled team ensures precise measurements and secure mounting, creating a visually striking display. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or a grand statement piece, trust us for expert fireplace mirror fitting services.

Bathroom Mirror Mounting Service:

In the bathroom, functionality meets style with our mirror fixing services. From standard mirrors to bathroom cabinets, we expertly install your chosen mirrors, ensuring they enhance your space. Our team utilises secure mounting techniques tailored to your bathroom’s needs, ensuring our customers a durable and aesthetically pleasing result.

If you’re in need of assistance to fit a mirror in any part of your home in Manchester then please do call.

Q&A – Picture and Mirror Hanging Services:

Q: How long does it take to hang a picture or mirror?

A: The time required depends on the size and the amount of items. We can hang several pictures or mirrors in under an hour, while creating a gallery wall may take a bit longer due to the exactness of the display. Please head on over to our Rates page, where you can view our hourly rates to perhaps give you a better idea of the cost of hanging a mirror or picture.

Q: Do you provide the hanging hardware, or should I have it ready?

A: We come fully equipped with all the necessary screws and hardware, if our customers have any specific hooks or brackets they would like us to use, feel free to let us know in advance.

Q: Can you hang pictures or mirrors on any type of wall?

A: Yes, we can hang pictures and mirrors on any wall surface, including drywall, plaster, brick and concrete. We use appropriate anchors and screws to ensure a secure and stable installation.

Q: Do you offer advice on the placement of pictures or mirrors for optimal aesthetics?

A: While we primarily focus on the installation, we can provide general advice on placement if requested. This means we hold the item against the wall for what feels like an eternity whilst you scratch your chin : )

Q: Is there a limit to the size or weight of pictures or mirrors you can hang?

A: We handle a wide range of sizes and weights. We have yet to come across any particularly large or heavy item that couldn’t be hung.

Transform your living spaces with picture and mirror hanging services by Our Home Handyman, based in Manchester. Whether it’s a single cherished photograph, an art gallery wall or a strategically placed mirror, our skilled team ensures precise and secure installations.

We provide a hassle-free service, taking care of everything from hardware to placement. Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home with professionally hung pictures and mirrors.

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All work professionally carried out and guaranteed to last. For a Picture and Mirror Hanging Service in Manchester or practical advice, contact Our Home Handyman on 07779 532 113. (Mike)