Handyman Joinery Services

At Our Home Handyman we provide a thorough Joinery Service. Door not closing properly?, scratching the floor?, perhaps a new door…? Kitchen cupboard doors repaired or replaced.

All manner of shelving solutions, kitchen and bathroom pipework boxing in services. For handyman joinery services, where no job is too small, please get in touch on 07779 532 113 (Mike)

Handyman planing a customers door - Our Home Handyman

Handyman Door Planing Services:

If you’re struggling with a door that doesn’t close properly, causes scratches on the floor or gets caught on the carpet we can provide a long lasting solution. If its just scraping on the floor then its quite easy just to plane the bottom of the door.

If its catching on the side and cant be closed properly due to expansion or perhaps the frame has moved, then we will have to plane the door on the side, this takes longer as the lock or hinges will need resetting.

Handyman trimming door frame for wood floor fitting service - Our Home Handyman

Handyman Door Repair Services:

If you find that the screws on your door or frame are constantly pulling out, causing instability or misalignment, we can provide a reliable and long lasting door repair.

We’ll redo the hinge holes as just tightening up the screws never lasts, thereby giving greater long-term stability. The average door repair takes under an hour.

Handyman repairing a door hinge - Our Home Handyman

Handyman Door Handle and Lock Repairs:

All manner of interior and exterior wooden door handles and locks repaired or replaced. Upvc window handles, door handles and locks repaired or replaced.

Broken or worn-out handles can not only be inconvenient but also compromise the security of your space. We can repair or replace handles efficiently, offering both functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions for your doors.

Handyman replacing a customers door handles - Our Home Handyman

Handyman Boxing in Services:

We specialise in boxing in all manner of spaces. From meter and boiler cupboards to kitchen and bathroom MDF pipework boxing in, we’ve got the expertise to create neat, functional solutions.

Handyman with mdf sheets for boxing in pipework - Our Home Handyman

Handyman Kitchen Cupboard Repairs:

Kitchen looking tired ? We offer a wide range of cabinet door repairs to enhance and transform your kitchen space. Whether your kitchen cabinets need rehanging, adjusting or you’re looking to update the overall appearance with new cupboard doors, handles or plinths, we have you covered.

If your kitchen cabinets are not properly aligned or have become loose over time, we can rehang and adjust them to ensure they are level, stable and functioning optimally.

Handyman repairing a kitchen cupboard door - Our Home Handyman

Handyman Shelving Services:

We provide a comprehensive range of shelving solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you envision floating or adjustable shelving units.

Shelving solutions for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, home office or any other space, we can provide the perfect fitting solution to suit your requirements.

We can quite easily fit a couple of store bought shelves within an hour.

Handyman fixing shelving to wall - Our Home Handyman

Handyman Floor Repairs:

Loose or squeaky floorboards?
Unfortunately we cant just stick another nail through it, what if there are electrical cables or waterpipes below ? We will have to lift the floor board to make sure there are no services in addition to checking the supporting joist below.

If its a carpeted room, we will need to clear the area of furniture so we can roll back the carpet to expose the wooden floor and carry out the correct repair.

More often than not these types of repairs are carried out within an hour but it really depends on access, moving furniture and rolling back the carpet for example.

Handyman repairing a customers squeaky floor - Our Home Handyman

All work professionally carried out and guaranteed to last. For Handyperson Joinery Services or practical advice, contact Our Home Handyman on 07779 532 113. (Mike)