TV Wall Mounting Services

Transform your viewing experience with our expert TV wall mounting services. Whether you need a standard television wall bracket mounting or a full-motion TV wall bracket installation, we ensure secure mounting and the perfect positioning of your TV for an optimal viewing experience.

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TV Wall Mount Services – Fitting a Standard TV Bracket:

We can securely mount your TV flat against any wall for a sleek and modern look. The image below is a bog standard no fuss standard TV Mounting Bracket with a slight up and down tilting function.

There is absolutely no need to spend more than £20 on one of these. We can fix these TV wall brackets to any wall, whether a solid or plaster boarded wall quite easily.

A modern flat screen TV measuring 42″ or more can weigh in excess of 20 kgs, plasma TV’s can be extremely heavy due to having a solid glass screen. To find out what size mount you require simply look in the booklet that came with the TV and find the section where it mentions VESA ( Video Electronics Standards Association ), it should say VESA 100 / VESA 200 etc, simply purchase a mount that fits that VESA size in either low profile, tilt or full motion etc.

Handyman fixing a customers TV wall mount - Our Home Handyman

TV Mounting Services – Fixing a Full Motion TV Bracket:

Enjoy the flexibility of swivelling, tilting and extending your TV for optimal viewing angles from anywhere in the room. This is a full motion TV wall mounting bracket which allows the TV to swivel out from the wall, most commonly used in a kitchen setting. These are way more complicated to install than a standard television mount.

The part that attaches to the wall has a smaller surface area than the bog-standard television bracket we mentioned above. We can fit these to a solid wall but for a plaster boarded one they require more work. The further the television is from the surface the more stress on the fixings, the fixings wont fail, it’s the plasterboard that holds the fixings that fails.

Full-motion brackets are the most expensive option and are more complicated to install, on average take us twice as long to mount as a standard TV wall bracket.

Handyman fitting a customers full motion tv wall mount - Our Home Handyman

TV Mounting Service – Fitting a Soundbar Attachment:

We can enhance your audio experience by mounting your soundbar below your TV. An optional soundbar mount is available for attachment to any existing VESA television set. These soundbar brackets are cost-effective and priced at under £20.

Given that the sound quality of modern televisions is often mediocre, the demand for soundbars has surged. By purchasing an affordable and simple mount, we can easily attach a soundbar to your television, enhancing both the audio experience and the overall viewing pleasure. Call us on 07779 532 113 for any Professional TV Wall Mounting Services.

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Mounting a TV – Wall Surface Assessment:

We’ll assess your wall type, whether it’s solid brick, plasterboard or stud wall and utilise the appropriate mounting methods to ensure a secure and stable installation.

If your TV Mounting Bracket is the flat on the wall type, then we can fix to any surface, no matter the size or weight of the TV. If it’s a full motion type, then it gets more complicated…

What type of wall do I have? Solid, as stated before, no problems. Stud wall, might get lucky where the bracket lines up with the metal or timber studs, if not we have special fixings specifically for this situation.

What if it’s a dot n dab wall? Theres only one way to find out, 95% of all our TV Hanging Services are completed within the hour.

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Comparison of TV Wall Mounting Options:

Standard TV Wall Mounting

Our standard TV wall mounting service provides a sleek and modern look, securing your TV flat against the wall. This option is cost-effective and suitable for most installations. With a slight up and down tilting function, it ensures a no-fuss approach to displaying your TV.

Full-Motion TV Wall Mounting

For those seeking maximum flexibility, our full-motion TV wall mounting service option allows swivelling, tilting and extending the TV for optimal viewing angles. While this option is more complicated to install and comes at a higher cost, it provides unparalleled versatility. It’s an excellent choice for rooms where a dynamic viewing experience is desired, a kitchen for example.

By understanding the unique features and considerations of each mounting option, you can make an informed decision based on your preferences and the layout of your space. If you have further questions or need personalised advice, feel free to contact us, our team will be happy to assist you.

The Advantages of TV Wall Mounting:

Maximise Your Living Space with Wall-Mounted TVs

Choosing a wall bracket mounting for your television is an excellent choice to create more floor space in your home. It might be surprising, but even a compact TV stand can occupy a significant amount of room.

A wall-mounted TV not only creates valuable floor space but also enhances the overall aesthetics of your living area, allowing for a more spacious and relaxing environment.
Additionally, the investment in one of our TV Wall Mounting Services is often more cost-effective than purchasing a new TV stand, making it both a practical and economical choice for modern living.

Q&A – Wall Mounting a TV:

Q: How Much Does TV Wall Mounting Services Cost?

A: The cost of our TV wall mount service can vary based on factors such as the type of mounting, wall material and the size of your TV. For a detailed estimate, we recommend reaching out to us directly, allowing us to assess your specific needs and provide you with an accurate quote.

As mentioned previously 95% of all our TV Hanging Services are completed within the hour. Head on over to our Rates page to quickly see how much we charge for an hour.

Q: How Long Does the Installation Process Take?

A: The duration of the installation depends on the complexity of the chosen mounting option. Standard wall mounting is typically a quicker process compared to full-motion installations. On average, our professional technicians complete most TV Wall Mounting projects within an hour, ensuring efficiency without compromising quality.

Q: Are Wall Mounted Televisions Safer?

A: Securing your television with a professionally installed wall mount significantly reduces the risk of it toppling over. When securely mounted, the chance of accidental knocks and possible injuries or damage to your television is eliminated. This mounting method is not only safer, particularly in households with children, but completely eliminates children’s sticky finger syndrome…

Q: Do I need to provide any materials?

A: Absolutely, not just any chocolate digestives, dark chocolate digestives! Unless you want an upside-down TV. So, while we handle the nuts and bolts, feel free to supply the biscuits – it’s not just good manners, it’s good for correct TV orientation!

Q: What Surfaces Can My TV Be Mounted On?

A: Our expertise allows us to mount your TV on virtually any surface. Whether it’s brick, stone, concrete, wood or plasterboard, we’ve got it covered with standard TV wall brackets. However, if you’re opting for a full-motion TV bracket – the kind that extends from the wall – the type of surface matters more. Brick, stone, concrete and wood are ideal for these brackets.

Plasterboard or drywall, while still feasible, requires additional work to ensure stability and safety. Rest assured, we have the skills and experience to securely mount your TV, whatever your wall type may be.

Q: Is There a Weight Limit for Mounting My Large TV?

A: Concerns regarding the weight of large TVs are understandable. However, modern televisions, even those up to 65 inches, are surprisingly lightweight, typically weighing under 20 kilograms. The wall brackets that are designed to accommodate these sizes and are robustly built, often rated to support weights in excess of 80 kilograms.
This means that we can securely fit your wall mount without any issue regarding its weight. Rest assured; we ensure the mounting method used is more than capable of safely supporting your TV.

Q: Can My TV be Mounted Above a Fireplace?

A: Mounting a TV above a fireplace is a popular choice for many homeowners, combining aesthetic appeal with practical use of space. We have yet to come across a chimney breast with a plasterboard wall so any TV can be mounted above a fireplace. However, you should assess the heat output from any fireplace, if any.

Q: Can You Put a TV Above a Radiator?

A: Mounting a TV above a radiator is technically possible, but it requires careful consideration. The key concern, obviously, is the heat emitted by the radiator. Excessive heat can damage the TV’s internal components, shorten its lifespan or affect its performance.

As heat rises, it makes no difference if you place the TV a couple of inches or even a couple of feet above the radiator. No TV manufacturer recommends mounting a TV above a radiator, a radiator cover can reduce the heat effect, but is it worth the risk?

Q: Can I Attempt TV Wall Mounting as a DIY Project?

A: While some may consider DIY TV mounting services, it comes with risks such as incorrect installation and potential damage to your TV, wall or worst-case scenario a hidden service like electrical cable or water pipe.

Q: Do You Provide TV Wall Mounting Services Near Me?

A: We provide a professional TV Mounting Service in Sale, Timperley, Altrincham, Stretford and Urmston , other locations on request.

We possess the expertise to handle any mounting project, ensuring your TV is securely positioned for optimal viewing while maintaining safety standards.

All work professionally carried out and guaranteed to last. For a TV Wall Mounting Service or practical advice, contact Our Home Handyman on 07779 532 113. (Mike)