Handyman Services in Sale, Manchester

Welcome to Our Home Handyman, your trusted local source for professional property repairs and handyman services in Sale, Manchester. Whether our customers are in need of plumbing repairs, home repairs, electrical work, flat pack assembly, gutter clearing, painting, joinery, wood floor fitting or TV wall mounting, we’ve got you covered.

For Sale Handyman Services, where no job is too small, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, as we’re just a call away, contact 07779 532 113 (Mike).

Home Repair Services in Sale

For the residents of Sale, experience an expert Handyman Home Repair Service covering a wide range of areas. From precise installations of door locks, curtain poles, venetian or roller blinds to meticulous bath or shower reseals, picture and mirror hanging or efficient TV wall mounting – we have you covered. Contact us today for reliable handyman services; we’re just a call away.

Learn more about our home repairs and maintenance service below.

Hole in plaster boarded wall.

TV Wall Mounting Services in Sale

Experience our expert TV mounting service that make’s TV installations a breeze. Our TV bracket fixing solutions ensure a relaxed experience with your new TV, whether it’s in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or garage.

We provide both standard and full motion television wall mounting assistance. Click below for further details on our TV Wall Mounting Service.

Standard TV wall mount.

Flatpack Assembly Services in Sale

For Sale residents, our flatpack assembly service offers a hassle-free solution to furniture assembly. With our thorough flat-pack assembly solutions, you can sit back and enjoy your new furniture, whether it’s outdoor garden furniture, sheds, interior dining tables, wardrobes, bookcases, tables, chairs or a bedside locker.

See below for more insights into our Flat Pack Assembly Service.

Children's flat pack bunk beds.

Plumber Services in Sale

You can rely on our plumbing repair service to address various domestic issues. From fixing kitchen sink leaks and toilet repairs to repairing bath and shower leaks, fitting taps in both kitchen and bathroom spaces, we provide comprehensive solutions.

If you’re seeking reliable and professional plumbing assistance, contact us today. We’re here to help you promptly and efficiently resolve your plumbing problems. Visit below for more info on our Plumber Service.

Kitchen tap.

Electrician Services in Sale

Sale residents can benefit from our comprehensive household electrical repair solutions. Whether you need to replace electrical sockets, light switches or dimmer switches, we have you covered. Our services also extend to replacing light fittings and exterior fixtures like floodlights and front-of-house lantern lights. For more information on our Electrician Service, click below.

Ceiling light selection.

Decorating Services in Sale

Your home can benefit from our comprehensive Painting and Decorating Solutions. Whether you’re dealing with a mouldy bathroom ceiling or planning a whole-room makeover, we’ve got the expertise you need. If you’re in need of home decorating, don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’re just a call away. See below for more details on our Decorating Service.

Wall with colour testing pots.

Shower and Bath Resealing Services in Sale

Residents of Sale, Manchester can count on Our Home Handyman for an expert shower and bath silicone resealing service. Our skilled team meticulously removes old sealant and applies a fresh, durable silicone sealant, revitalising bath or shower areas for a watertight finish. Trust us for professional bathroom resealing solutions. If you require a handyman service to reseal a bath, shower cubicle or perhaps a kitchen worktop, click below where you will find more information on our Bath and Shower Resealing Service.

Bath silicone seal redone.

Joinery Services in Sale

You can rely on our Joinery Solutions to address issues with doors, hinges and more. Whether your door isn’t closing properly or you’re dealing with newly fitted carpets, our skilled joiners have you covered. For more details on our Joinery Service, click below.

Planing a door with a wood planer.

Laminate Floor Fitting in Sale

Residents of Sale can benefit from our laminate floor fitting installations, where precision is key. Door frames and architraves are expertly undercut to create a seamless integration of the new floor, eliminating any gaps. If any door adjustments for increased floor height are necessary, our skilled team is ready to provide top-notch service. Learn more about our Laminate Floor Fitting Service below.

Laminate floor transition between 2 rooms.

For a comprehensive overview of all the handyman services we offer, please visit our services page. Whether you need home repairs, decorating or more, you’ll find detailed information on how we can assist with each specific need. See our full list of handyman services here.

For any handyman services in Sale, Manchester, or practical advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to Our Home Handyman. Contact us today at 07779-532-113,(Mike) and let us take care of your home repairs. Your local Sale Handyman is here to make your life easier.